A MicroFueler, Ethanol, and Cold Beer?

EFuelOne of the companies I’m most interested in right now is the EFuel Corporation.  Based in Los Gatos, CA, EFuel produces a home ethanol device called the MicroFueler – the world’s first home ethanol refinery system.  Now you can make ethanol in your own garage and use it to run your car.

A MicroFueler can produce up to 35 gallons of ethanol a week and runs on a standard household AC power supply.  Sugar, yeast and water ferment, and the high tech filtration system efficiently separates out the ethanol.

EFuel MicroFueler

EFuel MicroFueler

But wait, it gets better!  Sierra Nevada Brewery plans to use the MicroFueler to turn discarded beer yeast into fuel for its fleet of biofuel trucks.  Sierra Nevada generates 1.6 million gallons of “bottom of the barrel” beer yeast waste each year, which it now sells to farmers as feed.  But going forward, management plans to use MicroFuelers to run their whole fleet of biofuel trucks.

Why am I so excited about EFuel? Well, for one thing DesignMind created the EFuel web site.  (Check out the Video Room.)  We’re also continuing to work on some really interesting software that monitors the efficiency of all the MicroFuelers out in the field, and allows owners to monitor their units using a web-based dashboard.

On JSierra Nevada Beerune 4th, EFuel will be in Sacramento to launch the MicroFueler with California Governor Schwarzenegger, who’s a leading proponent of renewable energy sources.  So check out the mighty MicroFueler, and the next time you’re ready for a cold beer, go green by drinking a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale!