Big Data: How To Do It Right


Big Data Planning and Research Pays Off

If you’re beginning your first foray into analyzing your organization’s Big Data, you need to spend some time thinking about the big picture. The payoffs of effectively analyzing your data can be enormous, but you need to plan carefully in order to achieve the optimal outcome.

Here’s a checklist of questions to consider:

  • What data do you have, and what can you obtain?Big Data DesignMind San Francisco
  • What problems do you have that might be solvable, given sufficient understanding of your data in a perfect-world scenario (without yet trying to determine what is technically possible with today’s tools)?
  • Do you have the resources and executive buy-in to pursue high ROI opportunities uncovered by your initiative?
  • Have you evaluated the various Hadoop vendors such as Cloudera, MapR, Qubole, or Hortonworks, to see what each has that sets them apart from their competitors?  You can learn more on our Partner page.
  • Do you have the internal resources to oversee your big data project and continue to reap the benefits going forward? Read our whitepaper on Building Your Big Data Team to see what kind of manpower you’ll need.

Big Data is a popular buzzword these days, but it is really important, as companies who know how to extract valuable information have a huge competitive advantage. However without proper planning, a Big Data project can become a money pit. You should definitely do your homework first!


Mark Ginnebaugh is CEO of DesignMind.