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Bay Area Microsoft Power Platform Meetup (1)

Recent Topics

  • Power BI Enterprise Development with Paul Turley
  • What’s New in Power BI Data Visualization
  • BI Platform Migration - Best practices 
  • Intro to Whiteboarding in DAX 
  • Self-Service Power BI: Tips, Best Practices & Demos
  • Integrating the Power Platform
Bay Area Azure Data Platform Meetup (1)

Recent Topics

  • Azure Digital Twins
  • Creating REST and GraphQL Database Endpoints with Data API Builder
  • SQL Server 2022 Snapshot Backups to Azure and Other Clouds
  • Azure Arc In-Person/Hybrid Meetup
  • Azure Data Lake Design and Implementation Patterns
  • Data Warehouse Development with Azure Cloud - Parts 1-2
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Data Warehouses

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