Data Lakehouse

Provides the flexibility of a data lake while offering superior data warehouse performance and data integrity

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What's a Data Lakehouse?
A highly scalable and secure data platform

Ever since the emergence of the term "big data," data lakes have been gaining in popularity. By hosting both raw and fully structured data, all while using economic cloud storage, data lakes accommodate a range of needs for both exploratory and operational analytics.

Now data lakehouses have emerged, as an evolution of the data lake enabled by new query engines and open table storage formats. A state-of-the-art data lakehouse provides the flexibility of a data lake while delivering data warehouse-league performance and data integrity.


What's in it for you?
Enhanced performance and data integrity

With a data lakehouse, you get one place for your data, where data engineers, data scientists, data analysts, and line of business teams can work together, cooperatively, in the pursuit of data-driven business.

And with heightened concerns around data privacy and security these days, preventing each group from having separate copies of data, which might get out of sync or become ungovernable, is of critical importance.

Technologies We Use

Azure Analysis Services
person looking at various reports

Make it Real—Explore Your Options

How do you venture into the world of data lakehousing in a way that complements what you’re already doing with data warehousing and BI?

And how can you build your lakehouse with an eye toward predictive analytics and generative artificial intelligence?

Partner with DesignMind to leverage our experience in all these disciplines, and across numerous industries and use cases.

Contact us to set up an exploratory meeting. We'll discuss your situation and tell you about some of our successful data lakehouse projects.

Customer Case Study | Data Lakehouse

The Solution for a Global CPG Brand's Diverse Data Needs


Our client, a global nutrition and wellness brand, needed a central place to store and manage their enterprise data for reporting and analytics purposes. However, the company’s Finance and Marketing Analytics teams had vastly different data types, data structures, and planned data sources road mapped. They also required high availability and low ongoing maintenance because they ran a lean internal IT team.


We designed and implemented a full-featured Databricks lakehouse architecture to streamline data processing and allow for scaling of the platform to handle additional data sources in the future. Included in the delivered platform was a data ingestion framework that accelerated the onboarding of new data sources, customized to each business unit’s requirements, objectives, and long-term priorities.


For the company’s Finance team, the architecture handles incremental data extracts of over 80 data sources, loads data into queryable datasets, then transforms this data into a traditional data warehouse model. Further, data extraction processes are more reliable (vs. traditional data warehouses) and handle new schema structure as they come in, while data mapping occurs further down the pipeline.

Marketing Analytics

For the company’s Marketing Analytics team, the architecture was designed with little to no ongoing technical maintenance in mind and is currently ingesting over 120 marketing data sources for analysis. Additionally, automated product catalog classification was implemented, as well as automated and on-demand data exports that contain a variety of information that can be pulled into the external CRM and data platform.


The client's cloud platform now tracks diverse business metrics and offers flexible reporting through Databricks Lakehouse and Power BI.

The initiative has raised data literacy and analytics involvement, enhancing decision quality and financial outcomes.

The client has achieved near zero touch maintenance, spending under a five-digit sum on lakehouse maintenance and support over the past two years.

Do it Right

DesignMind brings industry knowledge, project experience, and technological expertise across the analytics spectrum, from data ingest, engineering, lakehouse construction, business intelligence, and AI.  Our data experts can help your organization implement a data lakehouse that supports downstream data products and the collaborative analytics success you need to be competitive and delight your customers.

Contact us to discuss your questions, goals, and ideas.

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