Modern Application Development

We help teams take advantage of today’s most powerful technologies.

Modern Application Development
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Our Modern Application Development Services


Rapid Prototypes and Proofs of Concept (POCs)

We design rapid prototypes and Proofs of Concept (POCs) to prove solutions, use cases, and technologies before major investments are made.


Application Architecture and Development

For new applications, we take a cloud-first approach. When modernizing legacy systems, we preserve your investment while incorporating today’s architectures.


Application Development Environment Modernization

We help teams implement new environments and processes that deliver software with better security, availability, scalability, and TCO.



Cloud Migrations

We help companies migrate to the cloud either by “lifting and shifting” current on-prem systems to virtual servers, or by incorporating scalable cloud services.


Modern App Infrastructure

Transition from inflexible, hard-to-maintain infrastructure to a containerized architecture where capacity can be easily and automatically scaled.


Modern Application Security

We develop standards-compliant and layered application infrastructure to defend our clients against malicious activities, both inside and out.

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Why Choose DesignMind for Modern Application Development


Decades of Custom Software Development Experience

Since 2005, DesignMind has delivered software systems that make complex business opportunities and objectives achievable.


Our Pragmatic Approach to Delivering Applications

We build solutions that align with your team’s technical skills, while incorporating cloud, containerization and other modern technologies.


We Elevate Your Team’s Capabilities

Our team collaborates with your business and technical experts on every project to prepare your team to successfully support our jointly developed solutions..

Microsoft Gold Partner

Contact DesignMind

Give us a call at 415.538.8484 or schedule a free consultation with us by completing the form.

We look forward to connecting with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your typical customers?

We work with companies ranging in size from 100+ employees to some of the largest global brands with hundreds of thousands of employees. However, the common connection to them all are underlying data-related initiatives we not only help them accelerate, but also deliver successfully.

Do you farm your work out to offshore teams?

The work we deliver for our clients tends to be either mission critical or highly visible within their organizations (often rolling up to Executive Leadership and Boards). This type of work requires execution and project velocity that offshore models can’t deliver. As such, all our project-based work is performed by team members based in the US.

Do you provide ongoing support after implementations have been completed?

We have a Support Team based in Central America, which is 100% dedicated to the maintenance and support of solutions, environments, and platforms that our Consulting team in the US delivers.

What is your service area?

Many of our clients are located in the Western US. However, because we serve numerous companies with global footprints, we regularly work with teams across the country and other parts of the globe.

Where is your team based?

Every member of our Consulting team is based in the US, which is who performs 100% of our project-based work. Our Support team is based in Central America and can be leveraged to take over ongoing maintenance and support of solutions, environments, or platforms that we deliver.

My project involves confidential information. Do you sign NDAs with your clients?

Yes. Prior to performing any discovery on a potential project or engagement, we request that a mutual non-disclosure agreement be executed. Whether the mutual NDA is yours or ours is completely up to your company’s policies.