Qubole Snowflake Partnership Opens Possibilities for Faster, Better Insights

The Qubole Snowflake partnership was just announced by our big-data-as-a-service partner, Qubole. The partnership with Snowflake, a highly scalable cloud-based data warehouse, offers customers of both companies seamless and secure connections from Qubole’s leading cloud big data platform to any data stored in the Snowflake data warehouse.

In our experience, moving to the cloud has offered companies the elasticity and compute power to solve big data, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) problems more quickly than on-premises solutions allow. However, one challenge has been providing integration between enterprise cloud platforms for data scientists and engineers with easy-to-use, large scale data warehouse solutions. The partnership was designed specifically to address this challenge.

Qubole Snowflake partnership allows seamless and speedy analysis

Qubole Snowflake Partnership announcement

The  new Qubole Snowflake partnership offers wide-open possibilities for customers who have chosen cloud infrastructure for their data warehouse and analytical insights.

For data engineers and data scientists, the Qubole-Snowflake connection is seamless and Snowflake Computing is the only data warehouse built for the cloudallows the use of Qubole’s support for Spark (via Python and Scala) to analyze Snowflake data, and conduct high-level preparation tasks such as data cleansing, data wrangling, and data augmentation. For ML and AI problems, the simplified integration reduces the time to train, test and deploy models using Snowflake data.


San Mateo-based Qubole has grown from a Hadoop-as-a-Service startup in 2011 to a full-fledged big data-as-a-service provider today. Snowflake is the first cloud-native data warehouse, offering standard SQL and support for structured and semi-structured data like JSON. The added benefit of using Snowflake is the control over costs, as customers can scale elastically while paying only for the database compute and storage services they use.

DesignMind is a system integrator partner for Qubole. We’re excited that we can offer our clients this effective, flexible, cost-saving saving solution, utilizing the possibilities of Qubole’s big data-as-a service and Snowflake’s data warehouse in the cloud.

Mark Kidwell is CTO at DesignMind. The DesignMind Big Data team leverages modern cloud analytic technologies, including Qubole on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, to develop data warehousing, advanced analytics and machine learning applications for our clients.