Why You Should Attend ClickZ Live

If you’re buying online ads for your organization, you need to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. That’s why ClickZ Live is the best investment you can make for your professional development buck.

At ClickZ Live San Francisco, coming up on August 8-10, the five tracks will cover Data-Driven Marketing, Content, Search, Advanced topics, and “Learn with Google”. Here’s why these areas are all vitally important for today’s marketing professional:

DataClickZ Live San Francisco

If you don’t know how to measure and evaluate what’s happening with your ads and your site, you’re in the wrong business. These days data drives all things marketing.


Content is king, as I’m sure you know. But do you need to reevaluate your content strategy? You may, and it’s all informed by the data, of course.


Search – SEO, SEM, keywords, Panda, Poodle, and Platypus, are all changing by the day. You’ve got to stay on top of it all.  What is Poodle, you ask?  Well come on down to ClickZ Live and maybe you’re find out!

Advanced topics

This includes such tantalizing topics as, Marketing Transformation and the Rise of the Chief Marketing Technology Officer, Mobile First: Redefining Your Digital Strategy, From Big Data to Small, Actionable Insights for B2B Marketers, and Social Selling: Tools & Tricks for Strengthening B2B Social Engagement. Speakers include SEM experts from ESPN, Hootsuite, and Radius.

Learn with Google

Everyone’s best friend – Google – will offer a full day of training. Topics include Remarketing, Google Analytics and Adwords, and a Q&A with Adwords product managers.

In your spare time (if you have any), you can wander around and learn from the event’s sponsors, including Google, Alexa, Radius, Visistat, SEMrush, GTrackMaven, and a whole lot more.

ClickZ Live is coming to San Francisco from August 10-12, 2015.