July 2015 San Francisco – Silicon Valley SQL Server and BI Meetings


Our Silicon Valley SQL Server User Group is on a roll!  If learning more about SQL Server and BI are on your bucket list, you’ll find some terrific speakers at the Bay Area user group meetings this month.

On July 2, 2015 in Mountain View, we’ll welcome well-known BI expert and author James Taylor, who specializes in Decision Management. His July 2 talk is titled “A New Approach to Defining BI Requirements”. You’ll learn about decision modeling with DMN, a new standards-based approach to modeling decisions. A proper approach to specifying decision requirements can maximize the ability to use advanced analytics.


Are you considering a career shift to the world of Big Data or Data Science? On July 8th, we have “Big Data & Data Science, How To Get Past The Hype and Into a Team”. Big Data and Data Science are two of the most hyped areas in high tech today. But what do Big Data and Data Science really mean, and how can you move into these hot career paths?  Andrew Eichenbaum gave this talk at SQLSaturday to a SRO crowd.

July 2015 Silicon Valley SQL Server BI Meetings

And lastly on July 21st at the Silicon Valley SQL Server User Group, SQL Server guru Ami Levin, will deliver Part 2 of his eternally popular topic, “Relational Databases: Where Are My Primary Keys?”.  Ami will revisit some of the fundamental design principles of relational databases: normalization rules, key selection, and the controversies associated with these issues from a practical perspective.