Where is Microsoft taking Power BI?

Where is Microsoft taking Power BI? At Inspire 2018, Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in July, Microsoft highlighted the investments they’re making in Power BI in FY19. There are two areas of particular emphasis.


First is their plan to take Power BI from its current role as the Self Service BI tool of choice to a more important role, as the premier enterprise reporting platform. There are specific capabilities on their roadmap that will facilitate the elevation of Power BI to fulfill that vision.

Broad Power BI Adoption in the Enterprise

Next is the effort they’re making to help companies of all sizes, but with an emphasis on the enterprise, achieve broad end-user adoption of Power BI. There’s a lot of effort behind the Power BI Adoption Framework.  Microsoft technical architects Manu Kanwarpal and Paul Henwood have been developing a Power BI Adoption Framework. You can learn the key strategies and steps for a successful implementation in their five-part Power BI Adoption Framework Webinar Series.

We see the Adoption Framework as a very important part of every successful Power BI implementation, and have been using it to help some of our largest clients achieve broad adoption. In its current incarnation, the framework provides guidance in these broad areas:


Power BI Adoption FrameworkWhere is Microsoft Taking Power BI

• Adoption Overview
• Governance
• Service Management
• Security
• Roll Out

At DesignMind we also focus on User Experience. We see the need to establish Corporate Report and Dashboard Brand Guidelines, and have developed a template we use with our clients. And we’ve established strategies to encourage implementation of guidelines, because it doesn’t just happen without specific efforts. Where is Microsoft Taking Power BI?  Check out what our experts are writing about Power BI and stay tuned!

Mark Ginnebaugh is CEO of DesignMind.