SQL Server Enterprise Database Performance with Eddie Wuerch


Why Does Enterprise Data Performance Matter?

Eddie Wuerch discusses database performance at ExactTarget, one of the largest email vendors in the world.  Eddie is a SQL Server DBA Specializing in SQL Server tuning and design, enterprise data performance, and leadership for very large, high-transaction, high-uptime database environments. He and his team design and manage the many multi-terabyte 24×7 SQL Server database clusters that form the foundation of the ExactTarget application.SQL Server Enterprise Data Performance

The system Eddie runs has over 2.5 trillion rows.  “It is a true 24 x 7 system built on the Microsoft stack running on SQL Server. We never get downtime.  We don’t take a service outage.  It’s all built on clustering and the ability to just keep running no matter what…It is entirely possible to build a massive system that does not stop on SQL Server.”

“I primarily work with the performance team. With that much data, performance is key. Throw it all in there and somehow you need to get it out in a reasonable amount of time.”


In this video, Eddie discusses Temp DB and VLDB/Enterprise Performance, High Availability, and Troubleshooting. He focused on many of the hidden issues that can kill SQL Server performance.  You’ll learn how the most demanding enterprise applications can be efficiently operated with built-in mission-critical capabilities.

Eddie spoke at SQL Saturday Silicon Valley. He speaks frequently at events including Dev/IT Connections, SQL Rally, and many SQL Saturdays.