Joe Sack of Whitebox Advisors On Connecting At SQLSaturday Silicon Valley


Joe Sack was able joined us at SQL Saturday Silicon Valley. Joe is an well-known SQL Server author and consultant with with Whitebox Advisors in Minneapolis.  Previously he worked at SQLskills and at Microsoft as a Premier Field Engineer supporting very large enterprise customers. Joe Sack is a consultant, author, speaker, SQL Server MVP, and SQL Server Microsoft Certified Master specializing in performance tuning, scalability, high availability and disaster recovery.

“You have this unusual opportunity.  You have MVPs flying in from around the world to attend these events.  So you have a chance to mix in with people with different experiences, significant experts that are used to going to events with 2,000 people in it.  And then you’re meeting people who might not go to these conferences, and who might not have the training budgets and I like to hear their stories. So for me, it’s taking away connections and exchanging emails, and then you allow for that synchronicity to happen…the human connectivity I’ve found is the most valuable thing about this event.”


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